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The Largest Outboard Central Console Luxury Yachts in the World.

Spencer Ship Monaco is thrilled to announce the new agreement as Export Developer and Representative of HCB Yachts on the global market. The mission of Spencer Ship Monaco is to identify, set up and support the dealers network in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia and assist them in selling and promoting HCB Yachts. Spencer Ship Monaco will be also the selling interface, on the international market, for all private individuals where no local distributor is established.

HCB stands for Hydrasports Custom Boats. Hydrasports Custom Boats (HCB) is the leading manufacturer of high-end, luxury custom center console vessels. HCB yachts are recognized for their performance, quality, and attention to detail. They are known for their innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and advanced technology, that are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of their customers.

HCB Yachts makes the world’s largest center console yacht and is the only true luxurious center console yacht on the water. With unsurpassed horsepower and expansive amenities, all models are completely customizable vessels ranging between 39’-65’.
HCB Yachts is committed to helping build the perfect luxury center console yacht to fit every enthusiasts’ lifestyle.

Offshore Performance meets refined yacht luxury.

Specifically, it is the careful splicing of raw, offshore prowess and refined, yacht-caliber Luxury. It’s a new category because today’s custom buyer is looking for something that did not previously exist. Offshore sport-yachts have long been fraught with compromise: speed vs stability, range vs performance, and luxury vs versatility. HCB has eliminated these, with a balanced blend of everything on the custom yacht buyer’s wish list-except trade-offs. It offers a range of models that are built for offshore cruising, fishing, and other recreational boating activities. Learn more about our HCB Yachts fleet below to find the perfect fit for you and your family.

The main distinction of the HCB Yachts

The main distinction between the HCB Yachts and other yachts which are currently on the market, is the design of the center console within the yacht. But HCB Yachts are not the traditional center console boats that you see in most markets. Firstly, the center console and the deck are recessed rather than even (or almost even) with the gunwale. 

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The higher port and starboard walls allow for a bit more seclusion in the aesthetics of the design, as well as serve functionally, blocking excess water and wind.
Unlike the traditional yachts which have more of the flybridge style control area, the HCB yachts stay consistent with the angler style CC for which HydraSport is known. This gives a duality to the purpose of the yachts. On the one hand, you have the LOA and the deep-set deck which gives the socialization features to the boat. However, because of the hardtop center console design, you also have somewhat of a fisherman/woman’s yacht.
While there is a cabin space, the center console yachts for sale are primarily focused on day excursions, chaseboat, and socialization rather than on multi-day adventures.


Perhaps the most notable feature of the HCB Yachts is the engine configuration. Whereas most yachts have inboard motors, the HCB Yachts for sale have opted to use an outboard configuration. Depending upon the model which is chosen, this could be a quad or a six-engine configuration. As the engine HP can be upgraded there is not a registered max HP with this brand.

“HCB boats have a reputation for creating some of the most innovative and cutting-edge designs for their center console boats for sale. With their new line of yachts, the company introduces a brand-new concept to the boating community, the center console yacht. Overall, the boats are standard yachts, but also push the boundaries by incorporating new features and functionality orientations to the yachting community.” – Craig Harvey, Founder & CEO of Spencer Ship Monaco.

The HCB story is nearly 50 years in the making. With roots tracing back to one of the most respected names in offshore fishing, the legendary ride of our proven deep-v hulls is the formidable foundation we have built our company around. By preserving the best parts of where we came from, and re-imagining what we can be, we have an equation for alchemy, and a destiny of success.” – David Russell, VP of Sales & Marketing of HCB Yachts.

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