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Spencer Ship Monaco is very pleased to announce the new exclusive international distribution agreement of
STATEMENT MARINE, the legendary luxury high-performance powerboats brand.

Following its long-term experience in representing international sales for high performance boats like Donzi, Fearless by Porsche Design and Fountain, Spencer Ship Monaco has been appointed as Export Developer and main International Seller for the brand on the global market.

The mission of Spencer Ship Monaco is to identify, set up and support the dealer network in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia and assist them in selling and promoting Statement Marines boats. Where no local distributor is established, Spencer Ship Monaco will be the unique selling interface, on the international market, for all private individuals.

Since the brand exploded onto the scene, with the first simultaneous introduction to the industry of completely new V-bottom models and catamarans, Statement Marine has continued to increase the production of its range of high-end, high-performance powerboats. At present, it builds 35-foot and 38-foot center consoles as well as a 42-foot go-fast-vee as well as 36-foot and 50-foot high-performance catamaran.

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From inspired design and patented technology, to fanatical attention to detail and flawless execution, a Statement Marine is more than a boat. It is a highly specialized, fully customized piece of enduring high-performance art, built to its owner’s rigorous specifications. This manufacturer has the ability to design and build unique solutions for customers’ unique needs: “If you dream it, Statement Marine can build it” – says Craig Spencer Harvey, Founder and CEO of Spencer Ship Monaco. – We are extremely proud of this important announcement. Our partnership with Statement Marine successfully adds to our long tradition in the distribution of boats on the international market, which has already made a number of American, Canadian and Australian high quality boat brands so famous. – says Craig Spencer Harvey, Founder and CEO of Spencer Ship Monaco.

Some manufacturers devote much of their work to the hull, leaving the assembly of dashboards, upholstery and other key components to off-site suppliers. Not Statement Marine: in its completely self-contained facility in Clearwater, Florida (USA), the company manufactures nearly all major components in-house. This not only allows for greater ease in accommodating customized requests, but also creates an environment in which components and processes are continually improved, resulting in the best possible product and in the shortest production time. With a climate-controlled molding room to allow for post-curing of hulls and decks, as well as custom upholstery, woodworking and metal fabrication shops all under one roof.

The two flagship models, 350 Open and 380 Open, feature a revolutionary design that integrates the most modern hydrodynamic concepts and latest generation construction technology. A terribly sexy style: a real pleasure for those who love to experience speed and comfort, according to their aesthetics completely “sur mesure“. All the finishes enjoy as much beauty as they are functionality, given that the boat is designed to also satisfy the passengers’ need for space and comfort. These boats highlight all that Statement Marine is famous for! Their ride is renowned in all type of waters, on the lake and big water too. Perfect for high speed runs or just enjoying a ride with friends for an aperitif on the beach!

We don’t just make boats, we make Statements: each of them a singular piece of high-performance art that eloquently expresses its owner’s unique vision. But we like to think they also communicate much more than that” – says Priscilla Buis, Owner of Statement Marine. – We believe every Statement we make says something about what happens when technology, design, and craftsmanship intersect perfectly. Something about the value of individuality, of boldness, of a healthy disrespect for boundaries. Something about prioritizing personal relationships, especially at a time when so much work is going into making them obsolete. Something about always pushing, innovating tirelessly, never resting on your laurels.