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Spencer Ship Monaco is member of the Monaco Economic Board.


The MONACO ECONOMIC BOARD (MEB) promotes economic activity in the Principality and actively contributes to its development. A private legal association established in 1999, the MEB is the operational arm of the Prince’s Government.

It work revolves around three key missions:

  • Monaco Chamber of Commerce: supporting Monegasque companies and helping them to grow locally and internationally through a range of actions and services, as well as privileged access to its many networks. 
  • Invest Monaco: reaching out to wealthy individuals, investors and entrepreneurs and encouraging them to settle in the Principality. 
  • Monaco Coordination: coordinating the promotional and development work carried out abroad by public and private organisations from Monaco who help to make the Principality attractive and spread its influence.

As a member of the International Chamber of Commerce, the MEB is also the Monegasque National Committee for the organisation.

Comprising companies, professional bodies and government officials, its Board represents all of the Principality’s economic stakeholders. More than 570 Monegasque companies have made the decision to join the MEB.



Over more than 20 years, the Monaco Economic Board (MEB) has built up an amazing network of diverse, high-quality institutional and private contacts. This network is a key element of its activities.

With more than 570 member companies across all sectors of the economy, the MEB works at the heart of the Monegasque ecosystem. Thanks to its detailed knowledge of companies, the MEB promotes interaction, dialogue and collaboration, and this wealth of communication makes an active contribution to Monaco’s vibrant economy.