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Luxury RIB Sports Boats and Tenders

“Each model comes from a thought, from a pencil that flows on a sheet and comes to life thanks to the passion for unique and brilliant design that has always distinguished us.”

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Design and architectural elements with a sharp attitude: this is the Sacs mix.

Under the aspiration of a visionary strategy, Sacs has traced the new trends in the sector by inaugurating the era of the maxiribs, which combine the comfort and safety of ribs, with the luxury and design of the yacht.Sacs Owner is a daring enthusiast with a dynamic, smart, contemporary lifestyle. He wants to own something special and unique that can be separated from the rest, from the masses, from the crowd.He is always looking for his own personal way of living the sea, dominating the waves and fell the taste of freedom.

Made in Italy since 1989.

Sacs excellence shapes your thoughts. Each Sacs is a unique masterpiece, created following the wishes and needs of the Customers. The most advanced technologies in the sector combined with the Italian craftsmanship strengthened by passion and thirty years of experience, make the most of each boat, ensuring excellent performance, in total safety.


Today, Sacs’ fleet of luxury sport boats and tenders are leaders in the international market in terms of design, size, performance and quality. Sacs’ smaller models are frequently used as luxury superyacht tenders.
Spencer Ship Monaco offers a range of Sacs luxury RIB (rigid inflatable boats) boats for sale, including their STRIDER and REBEL lines as well as  its pre-owned boats.


R E B E L    L I N E

REBEL 55  //  REBEL 47  //  REBEL 40